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NEOPAPA Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y Holes service No Need Drill Black New mail order to

NEOPAPA Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y No Need to Drill Holes Black


NEOPAPA Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y No Need to Drill Holes Black

Product description

Why do you need our mudflaps?They designed for Tesla model 3 and model Y only. All aftermarket car accessories must process a 3D scan pre-production and that is why our parts can make sure they match the OEM parts accurately. If there is a defect and please contact our customer service.
How to install these fenders?You can refer to our installation video.
Package included:1 X Mud Flap Set of 48 X Push-in Screws
Benefits:Improve your Tesla style and lookHigh-quality materialsEasy to install in less than 5 minutesEnhance the driving experience
Installation Instructions:You will need a screwdriver to start.1) Turn the wheels to give yourself more access to install2) Locate the factory drilled holes from the front wheel well and remove the screws that are currently in place3) Put one of the mudguards into the appropriate side and push it into place. Each flap should fold around the edge and clip in4) Reinstall screws into the holes in the wheel well to install, adjust place and fully tighten crews5) Do these steps to finish the other side and start installing for the rear.6) Locate the factory drilled holes from the rear wheel well and the other one from the car bottom. Remove the screws that are currently in place7) Remove the screws that are currently in place8) Reinstall screws into the holes from the car bottom first and fully tighten screws to keep them in position9) One hand pushes the flap into place. It should fold around the edge and clip in, finally reinstall screws into the holes from the car wheel.10) Make sure all screws have tightly reinstalled and you are ready to go for a ride.

NEOPAPA Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y No Need to Drill Holes Black

Image:  Robe Camel Farm, Limestone Coast

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