$192 rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle Brazilian Cowhide Rug 7x8 ft Home Kitchen Home Décor rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle ft Rug 7x8 Brazilian 100% quality warranty! Cowhide Cowhide,Brazilian,7x8,ardubox.com,$192,Large,/chyloid585644.html,Exotic,Rug,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Extra,Brindle,rodeo,ft Cowhide,Brazilian,7x8,ardubox.com,$192,Large,/chyloid585644.html,Exotic,Rug,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Extra,Brindle,rodeo,ft $192 rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle Brazilian Cowhide Rug 7x8 ft Home Kitchen Home Décor rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle ft Rug 7x8 Brazilian 100% quality warranty! Cowhide

rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle ft Rug 7x8 Animer and price revision Brazilian 100% quality warranty Cowhide

rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle Brazilian Cowhide Rug 7x8 ft


rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle Brazilian Cowhide Rug 7x8 ft


Product Description

The Cowhide Rugs You Will Love!

All hides used in the creation of Rodeo Cowhide rugs come from animal farming for the meat industry, so we aren’t producing additional materials to put on the planet. Instead, we use the remains of animals used for food consumption. The leather portion on all of our cowhide rugs online is a 100% natural – it comes directly from nature and will eventually return to its natural state.

We’re proud to know that our cowhide rugs can decorate your home, and we’re even prouder of the fact that our rugs benefit the Earth. Rodeo Cowhide produces rugs that have an eco element to them, which is welcome in environmentally-conscious households. Our professional tanneries are able to recycle the hides from the meat industry and then transform them into the beautiful cowhide rugs you see in our catalog.


Rodeo cowhide rug is 100% natural authentic cow skin

We often feature pictures of the actual cowhide rug you will receive. Those are the cowhide rugs under which we write the cowhide's individual size. If the picture does not display the size it it because that is a generic picture. We will try to match hides that look as similar as possible to the generic color categories. Since cowhides are a natural product, color patterns are never identical and sizes vary from animal to animal.

There are a few other things you should know about cowhide brand rugs.

Natural marks

In a perfect world, every cow would be exactly identical and have flawless coats of fur with no marks or blemishes. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Just like human beings don't have flawless skin, animals don't either. Some cows have long fur, some have short fur. Some might have birthmarks and blemishes. It's a 100% natural occurrence.

Please be aware that all cowhide rugs come from animal skins that are byproducts of nature and the environment. This means you can expect some rugs to have occasional marks, fire brands and scrapes. These natural blemishes are completely normal – they are NOT defects. Instead, they are simple scars that are unique to each animal, adding a layer of authenticity to each rug.

Don’t be alarmed if you notice a fold or a crease in your cowhide rug – it’s perfectly normal. The crease/fold will eventually iron itself out over time, but if you’d like, you can place a flat, heavy item (like an encyclopedia) on it to help flatten it out quicker. Another method to remove creases is to apply a wet towel on the back part of the rug and press down on it with an iron (at low heat). Do not let the towel soak up too much water. We do not suggest doing this too often as it may compromise the natural condition of the cowhide.

If you would like to see a photo of the exact product that you’re going to order, simply request it and we’ll send it over. This way you know exactly what to expect when your order arrives, with no surprises.

Rodeo cowhide rugs consist of genius leather, which is treated with chemicals at the tannery to eliminate bacteria before being sold. These chemicals can sometimes produce a strong odor that you might find less than desirable. We suggest hanging the rug outdoors and allowing it to air dry for a few hours. If the odor persists, try using a carpet refresher or powdered carpet deodorizer to combat the scent..

Color discrepancy
Cows spend extended periods of time in the sun when they're on farms. This prolonged exposure can cause their hides to be slightly discolored. Keep this in mind when you order a cowhide rug. You might be expecting a pristine white rug, but due to sun exposure and other natural weather elements, it's actually off-white or even ivory-colored.

Calfskins / Sheepskins / Goatskins

Calfskins / Sheepskins / Goatskins

For small area rug, we have calf skins, sheepskins , goatskins for your choices, they come with big vaireties of textures, colors/ patterns, and accessories. Great for small area floor covering, use as throws, table cloth, or use as material to creat your own art piece!


Durable, low maintenance and much more FUN!

Easy to clean 

The wonderful thing about cowhide rugs is that they’re pretty easy to clean and maintain. Besides periodic vacuuming, simply applying soap and water to a sponge is pretty much all that’s needed to clean the rug. You can also opt for steam cleaning the rug, but if you do, make sure there isn’t too much water on the hide – you never want the material to get too wet.

Lavish your interior decoration! 

Pick a shade that matches the color of your furniture and drapes, and then listen to the collective “oohs” and “ahs” when people enter your home.



Cowhides are also great to your home project!  Leather Bags, Koozies, Coasters and other accessories, even upholster chairs, sofa, ottoman! 

rodeo Extra Large Exotic Brindle Brazilian Cowhide Rug 7x8 ft

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